Publications and Download

Though GTI6 is a very young company, its experts have long record of research activities. Below, some recent papers are mentioned, which reflect main technology domains of GTI6 and written by current GTI6 staff.
2000_SISW_Orlando_009.pdf 423.42 KB
ATV System Validation Using a Distributed Simulation Facility
00S-SIW-016.pdf 272.53 KB
Spacecraft Operator Training Using Infrastructure Developed in EDISON Project
01E-SIW-018.pdf 966.49 KB
ESA-NASA Distributed Simulation Experiment: First Results and Lessons Learned
01E-SIW-021.pdf 567.70 KB
Generic Toolbox for Interoperable Systems - GTI6
01E-SIW-043.pdf 51.46 KB
Supervision Toolkit for distributed simulation and training infrastructures
03E-SIW-043.pdf 331.79 KB
GeneSyS Project: Supervision of Distributed Systems
17485-Final-Presentation.pdf 293.72 KB
Low-Cost Technology Demonstrator of Hardware-in-the-Loop (HWIL
04E-SIW-023.pdf 587.72 KB
Simulator Compliant with MIL-STD-1553
Optimization of Spacecraft Thruster Management Function
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