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European Space Agency (ESA)  | The Netherlands
EADS Astrium | France, Germany







  RTE-Space project (Round-Trip Engineering for Space Systems) is aimed at demonstrating the validity of the Model Driven Architecture (MDA) approach for re-engineering of complex software systems. French company SOFTEAM is the prime contractor, while GTI6 together with the German Fraunhofer FOKUS institute are subcontractors.

Time frame: June 2007 - April 2008




  The IVF (Interface Validation Facility) for the ATV project is aimed at verifying and validating onboard interfaces between the ATV spacecraft and other facilities. In particular, the IVF facility in Moscow is used to perform Bilateral Integration & Verification Tests in combination with the ISS Service Module Simulator on the RSC-Energia premises. GTI6 was providing long-term support to the industry team led by Astrium Space Transportation (former EADS Launch Vehicles).

Time frame: 2001 - 2007




  High integrated multi-range rendezvous control system & Autonomous Rendezvous and capture GNC test facility is the project launched by ESA in order to analyse possibility of developing a common approach for autonomous spacecraft rendezvous and docking concept that could be used both for Mars exploration and for servicing satellites on highly elliptical Earth orbits. GTI6 was involved by the prime contractor – Astrium SAS – for developing thruster management software and compare the results with similar software currently in use at Astrium.

Time frame (for GTI6 participation): October 2006 - May 2007



ASSERT (Automated proof based System and Software Engineering for Real-Time)

  The ASSERT main goal is to improve the system-and-software development process for critical embedded real-time systems, in the Aerospace and Transportation domains.

Time frame: September 2004 - August 2007









DHSE (Distributed Heterogeneous Simulation Environment)

  The purpose of DHSE is to allow the implementation of a distributed, interoperable and heterogeneous simulation using different simulation COTS frameworks (C/C++, MATLAB/Simulink, OPNET). DHSE allows interoperability between these simulation frameworks in order to accelerate simulations development by using the most suited tools to develop each component of the simulation. It also allows a better efficiency in re-using existing models and makes them interoperable.

Time frame: July 2006 - January 2008